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Paraíso Samdhara is a natural reserve that had its beginnings in 1995 when the Sistos Belmonte family acquired the land where the place is located today. For Reserva Paraíso Perdido, it is essential to share the history of the place and its transformation over nearly 26 years with the community.

It all started on a trip to Tulum, Quintana Roo when Lic. Juan Carlos Sistos was completely enchanted by that area of Mexico for its vegetation, tranquility, and the harmony it conveyed. From that day forward, the dream of having a place like that someday emerged.

This dream began to take shape when, a few years later, the family had the opportunity to acquire a 200-hectare property on the shores of the Michoacan coast. But that was just the beginning, as that land was not a paradise yet; it was a place without much vegetation, full of weeds, and without much wildlife inhabiting it.

Once this property was acquired, they worked tirelessly but carefully to trace paths and trails without harming the existing nature and to design how the planting of trees and plants would begin. From this moment on, a long journey began that, to date, after 26 years, has resulted in the planting of thousands of trees across the 200 hectares of the Reserve, always with the support of many Michoacan hands from the nearby villages.

¨We used to go with the family on weekends to spend time, and the entire family and friends would participate in reforestation activities. It was hard work and took many years¨.

To this day, you can see an authentic coastal jungle with millions of planted trees, as well as other endemic plants from the region. Because of this, the fauna of the region has settled in Paraíso Perdido, as they find food and a safe area to live and reproduce. Currently, in Paraíso Perdido, you can find some animals such as pumas, deer, wild boars, anteaters, foxes, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, as well as countless birds like hawks, vultures, owls, parrots, parakeets, and parakeets.

It's about creating and sharing things from love. It's about planting a little seed in people where they discover that each of us is a unique piece.

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