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cabaña kauri pacifico
cabaña maui


Discover our hotel! A sanctuary where our cabañas intertwine with nature and embrace the Pacific Coast. Each cabin has its own essence, offering unique experiences.

Imagine waking up amidst lush vegetation and feeling the ocean breeze.

Our cabins are designed to harmoniously blend with the surroundings, providing our guests with an intimate connection to nature.

From the first cabaña, surrounded by trees, to the second overlooking the

Pacific horizon, each tells its own story. The third reflects cultural richness with Mexican artisanal details, while the fourth invites you to immerse in a small private pool, creating your own oasis.

Each cabaña is a gateway to diverse experiences, allowing you to choose the essence that best suits your desire for connection with nature and the charm of the Pacific. Every stay is unique, designed to leave unforgettable memories and the feeling of having lived something special.

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