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We have selected these four zones within Paraíso Samdhara as they were specially designed to offer guests different experiences and sensations through each of the elements that are part of them.

zona de cuarzozs


In this area, you can recharge with pure good vibes through the magic and power that exists in each of the quartz crystals.

When in contact with the crystals, they provide us with the opportunity to heal again and create a much deeper connection with everything around us


Ideal for resting and relaxing the body on a hammock; appreciating and listening to the sound of the sea.

This area has its magic, as here you will enjoy starry nights accompanied by the fire where stories can be shared and remembered with your community.


Esta zona es ideal para pasar momentos relajados e inolvidables en compañia de la arena y mar del Pacífico.

Es ideal para gozarlo con una cerveza en la mano, buena compañia y largas platicas. 

One of our favorite areas. This space was designed and built with the intention that guests can enjoy yoga practices to reconnect with their soul, body, and spirit.

In your yoga practice, you can enjoy and relish a view facing the sea; feeling the breeze on your skin.

¨As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way¨.


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